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Work From Home With Forsage – Smart Contract earnings – Lifetime Payment


This article contains information on how you can generate an earning of a lifetime at the comfort of your home with the Forsage Smart Contracts. Forsage is a Smart Contract Crypto earnings program that you work from home at your own leisure. There is no time limit or targets or pressure with this program. You may have heard or read about it recently. (It’s sometimes referred to as Smartway)

It is based on the particular features of the Ethereum cryptocurrency and it enables you to earn a long term residual income just by referring this to 3 other people and asking them to do the same as you.

If you are having a hard time referring people, no worries. This program is just for you as well. Kindly read along to know how to earn too on forsage without referring anyone.

We really need to think differently with this new type of program. In fact many of us online marketers often refer to earnings opportunities as programs, but this really is one – a Cryptocurrency / Ethereum program that can’t be changed as it is all based on a smart contract…..

The Smart Contract is an established blockchain technology that refers to a type of automated digital contract that is almost unbreakable and unchangeable. One of the consequences of this is that, if for any reason Forsage closed its doors or its website, this program would still automatically function. This means that no human being can ever interfere or prevent the intended functioning of the prescribed process, either by bad intention or incompetence.

For those of us that have been in MLM / Network marketing for years and seen all the associated failures, scams and shutdowns, then an unbreakable opportunity like this is surely a breath of fresh air, to say the least. This is huge and that is by no means an exaggeration.

Click here to get started with Forsage

To join Forsage requires a one-time payment of just 0.06 Ethereum, which is just $12.00 – $15.00 USD (225 – 280 Rands),  at the time of writing.

Over time you can earn a great deal with this program. The more people you refer, however, the more you will earn.

Forsage is set up to work with one of two Wallets, depending on whether you wish to administer this program with your Smartphone/tablet, or with your computer – Either Trust wallet for your mobile/tablet or Metamask for your computer.

Let me explain the various way to earn From Forsage Smart Contract for easy understanding

Spillover works in such a way you earn from your uplines and people connected to you on the system irrespective of their location, it could be Lagos, London, Span, India, USA, Russia, Asia or anywhere in the world. The platform gives you the privilege to get massive spillovers from all its members
Spillover can fall on you from anywhere, so the amount of Ethereum you earn based on spillovers varies. It is not fixed.
Overflow: This happens when your upline earns to the extent his basket get filled, all other earnings will start falling on you whether you refer or not. While spillover gives you indirect referrals and dollars, overflow gives you only $$.
Overflow gives you a basket of dollars and that is why you need to join our hot TEAM in order to fall under a very hot upline.
Trust me you can make money from forsage without referring, and that is through overflows and spillovers.
 Referring: On forsage, you can refer in order to triple your earnings.
 In Х3 you need to refer a minimum of 3 partners. Bear in mind that there is no maximum to the number of partners you can refer with your referral link.
In X4 you need 4 to 6 partners. Of this number, some can come from your direct referrals, spillovers and/or overflows
In total, you need from 3 to 6 partners to go to the next level. Bear in mind that there is no limit to the number of partners you can refer. The more people you refer, the more you earn.
With your partners, you continue to increase levels.
“If you are Scared of Referring anybody, you can still earn on Forsage by Joining our team building and focusing on Forsage X4” – Click Here to Find Out More


Forsage is really quite simple, but most people would agree that it can all look a bit daunting when you first start to look at it before you join. There does seem to be a lot to take in, but we will try to take you through the various steps on this page to help you to get started without hitches.

Please follow each step carefully and you should have no problems.
( ➢ But don’t worry – contact me if you do have problems I will be pleased to help you.)

Forsage is set up to work seamlessly, in conjunction with a recognised Ethereum Wallet. It can only work in this way, so it is important that you understand and take care of this part of the process upfront.

If you are using a Smartphone or Tablet for your Internet access, then you can only join Forsage using something called a Trust Wallet. The Trust Wallet is an Ethereum Wallet that is purely designed for use with mobile devices and is coded for the Forsage program. This Wallet allows you to securely store any Ethereum that you will earn with Forsage on your Phone.

Only you can access your own Trust Wallet funds. This wallet will only work with Android and Apple Devices, which relates to 99% of all popular Smartphones and Tablets. (If you are using a laptop or desktop computer, then you will need to use Metamask to join Forsage – further information about how to set up Forsage using Metamask is here)

1. Download Trust Wallet

Download the Trust Wallet with your mobile device, using the following link:


2. Recovery phrase / Security

You will be given a recovery phrase of 12 words during the Trust Wallet account creation process. Make a careful note of these 12 seed words. It is really important that you securely store these words in a safe place. You may also want to write them down or print them and lock them in a safe place. These words are the access key to your Trust wallet. If you lose them, you will not be able to access your wallet and your funds will be lost. Never reveal these words to anyone. Treat them like gold.

Note that you do not need to enter these words every time that you use your wallet on a day to day basis. You will just need to enter a 6 digit passcode for normal login. But if for example, you ever lose your phone or get a new phone, using your seed words you will easily be able to re-install a new Trust Wallet on your new phone and restore your information. There is a facility to import an existing wallet account. All you need to do is enter your 12 words and hey presto, all your account information and your funds will then appear in your Trust Wallet on your new phone

3. Fund your Trust Wallet

Now you can Fund your new Trust Wallet with some Ethereum cryptocurrency (ETH)

This is entirely your choice on how much to fund, depending on what level that you wish to start the Forsage program with.

Remember that Forsage has 2 programs within, that work in conjunction with each other, known as x3 and x4. The minimum amount to get started is 0.06 ETH, which will cover you for level one of both these programs. Many people choose to fund three levels of both programs, which is 0.35 ETH. If you are looking to build this business and introduce it to a few other people then this is the best option, as it will maximise your earnings. The choice is yours.

(i) Now you just need to transfer your chosen ethereum funds to your Trust Wallet

Copy your Ethereum wallet address from your Trust wallet, which is under settings –> wallet.

Go to your regular Digital Currency exchange, then simply transfer the required level of Ethereum to your Trust wallet address.

Many people will already use an Exchange, for example, Coinbase, which I use. There are of course many others, such as Kraken, CEX, ShapeShift, BitStamp, CoinMama etc.

(Many people already have some Bitcoin in their above accounts, so it is extremely simple to just instantly convert some to Ethereum.)

As you will probably know with Cryptocurrency transactions, the above process may take a few minutes to reach your Trust Wallet and sometimes quite a bit longer.

(ii) Alternatively, if you do not have a Coinbase or other Digital currency exchange account as mentioned above, do not worry. You can easily buy your required Ethereum from within the Trust Wallet app using a credit or a debit card. It is simple to do, there are fees but they are only fairly low cost, like any crypto fees.

Other places to purchase Ethereum includes:

Click Here for Steps on how to Buy Ethereum and transfer to your trust wallet OR how to buy ethereum directly from your trust wallet.

If You are finding a hard time purchasing the ethereum or funding your trust wallet with the ethereum, no worries. We are here to guide you on how to get it done. Kindly contact us at [email protected]

4. Join Forsage

(i) Open up the newly created Trust wallet on your Phone or Tablet

Then at the bottom of the screen, you will see 4 dots:: DApp

When you click DApps::  it will open up the Trust Wallet Browser

(This is also called a DAPP browser, which just means Digital APPlication Browser)

(ii) In the address bar of this browser please copy and paste the following link:

https://forsage.io/i/eatr7l/ and then hit enter

This will then open up the Forsage account creation screen.
forsage auth1

(iii) Click the green button “Auto Login / Register”

(iv) A message will then ask you to confirm the ID of the invitee, you should see: 17376
Please click the green register button
forsage auth2

(v) On the payment page, you need to then click the “Approve” button

(vi) After the transaction is approved, restart the Trust Wallet application.

5. Review

Once you have joined Forsage, you can view your personal account from any Phone or Computer browser by entering your Ethereum wallet or Forsage ID number.

Please also note your own referral link that you can share with others to join your team.

You can now fund further levels if you are looking to further promote this to others. Remember, you only need to introduce this to 3 other active people who will then do the same as you and you will all enjoy a nice residual income, with activity in your team that can often be seen on a daily basis.

To summarise, Forsage is:

  • Secure – Scam free, Protected by an Ethereum Smart Contract
  • Inexpensive – You only need a one-time payment of 0.055 ETH or 15 USD
  • Reassuring – You are automatically paid by smart contract into your own crypto wallet
  • Private – Cryptocurrency anonymity, so no need to create an account or give personal details.
  • Lucrative – The Matrix and cycler program gives you 24 Income Streams.
  • Ethical – Everyone gets a chance to succeed and nobody can abuse the system

No, you do not have to be a team builder in Forsage – Some people who join Forsage do not want to be recruiters. Persuading others to join your business is not for everyone.

But, with Forsage, it is possible to join at the minimum level and earn Ethereum over a period of time by something known as spillover. This means that your sponsor or the person that introduced you to this business is him or herself busy at building this as a business. In doing this, they will introduce many people into their business, some of whom will fall into your matrix position(s).

However, everyone knows at least one other person, a colleague, friend or family member that will be interested to try this out for just 15 USD!!!

Click here to get started with Forsage

emailFeel free to contact me on +2347035905184 (on Whatsapp or Voice Call) if you have any issues or questions about Joining Forsage OR seeking for guidance on joining Forsage.


Please can I request that if you are asked to enter a sponsored link with either Trust wallet or Metamask, then please copy and paste my link into the box as follows: https://forsage.io/i/eatr7l/

I thank you for this and please be assured I will always help you to succeed in this business. This includes my constant goal to provide spillover to my partners.

My Forsage Testimony: Proof of the System

My Initial Account Status and Earning then I just registered:


My current earnings and still counting




Watch the following Short Videos Below to Find Out More about the Forsage Smart Contract and its Set-Up

Feel free to contact me on +2347035905184 (on Whatsapp or Voice Call) if you have any issues or questions about Joining Forsage OR seeking for guidance on joining Forsage.


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