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Join Forsage with Metamask for a Laptop or Desktop Computer


Forsage is designed to work in conjunction with a recognised Ethereum Wallet. This is a quick guide on how to join using your Laptop or Desktop computer using Metamask.

Please follow the below guide carefully and you should have no problems
(➢ But don’t hesitate to contact us if you do have any problems – I will be pleased to help you.)

If you are using a Regular Computer / Laptop for your Forsage activities and access, then you can only join using the Metamask Wallet. Metamask is the only Ethereum Wallet that can be used for the Forsage program for Laptops and desktops. (This is not the case for Mobile devices – Click here for instructions on how to join Forsage using a Mobile phone or tablet)

The Metamask Wallet allows you to securely store any Ethereum that you may earn with the Forsage program. When you install Metamask you will see that it is actually an extension of your browser. When installed in Google Chrome, for example, you can usually see the metamask icon in the top right-hand corner – metamask
1. Download the Metamask Wallet
Download Metamask, using the following link:

You can install Metamask into either Chrome, Firefox or Brave Browsers. Make sure that you give metamask full permissions to access your pages, otherwise, it will not function and you will not be able to join Forsage.

2. Recovery phrase / seed words / Security
You will be given a 12-word recovery phrase during the Metamask account creation process. Make a careful note of these 12 seed words. It is really important that you securely store these words in a safe place. You may also want to write them down or print them and lock them in a safe place. These words are the access key to your Metamask wallet. If you lose them, you will not be able to access your wallet and your funds will be lost. Never reveal these words to anyone. Treat them like gold.

Note that you do not need to enter these words every time that you use Metamask on a day to day basis. You will just need to enter a secure password that you will create for normal login. But if for example, you ever get a new computer, or lose your laptop, or change your browser etc., then using your seed words you will easily be able to re-install Metamask on your new computer or browser and restore your information. There is a facility with Metamask to import an existing wallet account. All you need to do is enter your 12 words and all your account information and your funds will then appear in your new computer.

3. Fund your Metamask Wallet

After installing Metamask, you can now fund your Wallet with some Ethereum cryptocurrency (ETH)
First, open your regular Internet browser then click on the Metamask icon at the top of the browser page.
metamaskThen get familiar with the settings and where to find your wallet address etc.

How much to fund it with?

Remember that Forsage has 2 programs within, that work in conjunction with each other, known as x3 and x4. The minimum amount to get started is 0.06 ETH, which will cover you for level one of both these programs.

Many people choose to fund three levels of both programs, which is 0.35 ETH. If you are looking to build this business and introduce it to a few other people then this is the best option, as it will maximise your earnings. The choice is entirely yours.

(i) Now you just need to transfer your chosen ethereum funds to your Metamask Wallet

Copy your Ethereum wallet address from Metamask.

Go to your regular Digital Currency exchange, then simply transfer the required level of Ethereum to your Metamask wallet address.

Many people will already use an Exchange, for example, Coinbase, which I use. There are of course many others, such as Kraken, CEX, ShapeShift, BitStamp, CoinMama etc.

(Many people already have some Bitcoin in their above accounts, so it is extremely simple to just instantly convert some to Ethereum.)

As you will probably know with Cryptocurrency transactions, the above process may take a few minutes to reach your Metamask Wallet and sometimes quite a bit longer.

4. Join Forsage

(i) Open your regular Internet browser then click on the Metamask icon at the top:

google metamask
(ii) Next, in the address bar of your browser please copy and paste the following link:

and then hit enter

This will then open up the Forsage account creation screen.

(iii) Click the green button “Automatic Login / Registration”

Forsage metamask join

(iv) A message will then ask you to confirm the ID of the invitee, you should see: 17376
Please click the green register button

(v) On the payment page, click the “Approve” button

(vi) After the transaction is approved, restart the Metamask application.

5. Review
Once you have joined Forsage, you can view your personal account from any Phone or Computer browser by entering your Ethereum wallet or Forsage ID number.

You can now join more levels if you choose, depending on how you will promote your business.

Please also note your own referral link that you can share with others to join your team.

Please ➢ let us know if you have any problems with the above and I will be pleased to help you. Kindly email us at [email protected]

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