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How to Earn on Forsage without Referring


This article contains information on how to earn the Forsage smart contract without referring.

There are 2 matrices on the forsage smart contract which includes the Forsage X3 and Forsage X4. The forsage X3 is basically for earnings through referrals while the forsage x4 is for earnings through spillovers and overflows from uplines and downlines. Therefore the forsage x4 is basically for those that are scared of referring anyone.


In parallel, the Forsage x4 program also works for you. In the x4 program, a system of overflows is organized, both from above and from below.
1> 2> Partners who occupy two places below you in the first line are two places in the second line of the higher partner. A 100% payment goes to the wallet of your higher partner.
3> 4> 5> You also receive income from the second line, 100% from four people. Of these, 3 payments go instantly to your wallet.
6> The last payout is to close the level, and it also makes a reinvest, buying you the same level again and again, and the payment of 100% is transferred to your higher partner.
One more thing…in addition to the above…
If you are scared of referring people, just go for Forsage X4 and open all the slots to at least 1.6…then you will start earning from spillovers and overflows… Just like I did and I’m earning…
Check below my Initial and current earnings…😁👇


My Forsage Testimony: Proof of the System

My Initial Account Status and Earning then I just registered:

My current earnings and still counting


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